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Tarumim is a nonprofit environmental organisation founded by a small group of activists in October 2018. We are exploring ways to facilitate sustainable livelihoods and socially resilient networks, empowering grassroots reforestation initiatives and alternative economic models.

Our base is in London, UK, and our initial operations are in Minas Gerais, Brazil - though we hope to expand beyond the state and the country.

We hear a lot of bad news about deforestation in Brazil and elsewhere, and the situation is indeed critical, but there is also good news. Every day, more and more Brazilians are becoming aware of the connection between forest cover and a wide range of environmental factors, from the water cycle and the frequency of rainfall to surface temperature and the resilience of rural communities. Many Brazilians have already started to do something about it. When land that has been slashed and burned, mined and overgrazed for the last 300 years is returned to forest, the improvements are striking. Springs return to life, and life returns to the water and the land, bringing economic abundance and self-reliance to those who live in harmony with the natural world.

Minas Gerais has lost over 90% of its Atlantic forest, and harbours over 11,000 species that are endangered, but a wave of reforestation and agroforestry efforts has already begun. Many Brazilians with modest means have been putting what time and money they have into reforestation initiatives, and others would if they had the resources. We want to support those efforts.

Tarumim was founded in order to:

Introduce people to Syntropic Agriculture by sponsoring Brazilian agroforestry experts to give free workshops in rural communities and develop ongoing relationships with individuals and co-operatives.

Facilitate and test crowdsourced land management practices that can be applied in different environments, refining them to become scalable and out-compete unsustainable practices such as monoculture and cattle grazing.

Incentivise reforestation and agroforestry initiatives by providing initial finds in the form of donations and microfinance.

Develop the infrastructure so that individuals and businesses outside of Brazil can crowdfund land regeneration efforts in an easy and accountable manner, becoming involved in those projects and developing relationships that can blossom and grow.

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As of December 2018 we are in the early steps of our development

By planting species in sequence and working in synch with natural cycles, degraded land can be rapidly regenerated into agroforestry projects that support a diverse range of native insects, birds and animals. Agricultural produce is generated from the very first months, sustaining the livelihoods of those stewarding the regeneration process, and meanwhile building up topsoil packed with minerals and life. Within a few years, these plots sustain the kind of ecosystems that can produce 40 tonnes of food per hectare per year while absorbing over 40 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year into the soil and wood of the growing trees.

Syntropic Agroforestry

Boa Vista pilot project

Could reforestation and agroforestry help rural communities become resilient to the effects of climate change in the short term, while in the long term providing a means of reversing climate change through carbon capture?

Regenerating Forests

Our first agroforestry project is already underway, and beginning to reforest a 7 hectare plot of land that has been degraded by monoculture, cattle grazing and soil erosion. The challenge is to streamline the infrastructure of regeneration to make it scalable across the state of Minas Gerais.